Vintage Button Designs

Dee Dee Style was launched in the spring of 2010 with the simple idea of giving old buttons new life.  Dee Dee is my nick name and a girlfriend branded my signature style in home décor, fashion, etc. as “Dee Dee Style”

I got started with an inherited fruit cake tin of buttons from my grandmother.  Vintage buttons are too unique and special to let them just sit on a shelf, collecting dust- they need a new life, to be shared with the world, and make new stories to mix with the old.  I started with rings, then spread to bracelets, necklaces and tees embellished with both vintage linens and buttons.  My latest creations are bags ranging from recycled old feed/seed sacks to repurposed vintage pillow cases all embellished with various vintage linens and of course vintage buttons!

Finally, I dove into romantic apparel in 2012. Most of the apparel items are sold in store at the Rockwall location, but you will find a few treats online. A majority of the clothing items receive a hand selected vintage button or two for embellishment. You will find each one is unique and different. The chenille bloomers are a hand crafted signature item. They are made using either reproduction chenille or vintage chenille bed linens.

Deidra {Dee Dee} Roe
Rockwall, TX
“Giving Old Buttons New Life”

Where to find Dee Dee Style:
Dee Dee Style
105 S. San Jacinto,
Rockwall, TX

Downtown Rockwall
San Jacinto Plaza

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