What is washi tape you may be asking yourself.  Washi tape is a fantastic new colorful, super fun and crazy easy product out in the market place that can transform anything especially your craft life!  I was introduced to washi tape by my friend Michael over at Inspired by Charm in this blog post, 10 Inspired Uses for Washi Tape.  Then I purchased my first four rolls on Pick Your Plum.  Then I researched some ideas on Pinterest and was hooked.  My first project was this one.

washi tape usb charger

I chose my top 2 favorite tapes and wrapped around the USB charger.  I can’t even begin to tell you how easy it is to work with.  There is no way to mess it up- just peel off and start over! (**Note:  the photo above was my inspiration, it is not my actual final project**   Source http://www.coolmomtech.com/2013/04/washi-tape-phone-charger-diy.php)


My next project was a bath room vanity.  The unit was not pretty, but I was not willing to spend any money replacing it.  At first I was going to paint a decorative pattern on the door, but I ran out of time and energy…so I just added two washi tape borders to the door.  I think it turned out great for a quick and inexpensive transformation.

washi tape vanity

My most recent project is probably my proudest.  I got the idea on Pinterest, OF COURSE!!  I merged several different ideas into one.  Some may say it is too busy, and that is okay, but I love it!  I took 3 washi tapes and created a frame border for my inspiration board above my jewelry work station.

washi tape inspiration board 2013

For more ideas and inspiration on what you can do with washi tape, check out my Pinterest board.  I have compiled all of my pins and ideas in this one board, What the Washi?!!


My next project that I am going to tackle is a 3 month calendar wall in my studio to help my team and I stay on top of projects.  Here is my inspiration.

washi tape agenda


I would love to hear and see what you have done with washi tape, so please share.