Hello all! Its been way too long. Sorry about that. Life gets a bit crazy.

Its cloudy and gray here in Rockwall, Texas. Today, I do not mind the rain. I heard someone share years ago that life is about perspective. They shared this story…As you sit in your office cubicle looking out at a gray rainy day, you see wet, cold, miserable, the hassle of an umbrella, mud that gets all over your new shoes, puddles in the parking lot that you have to dodge so you are not drenched. But look again. Look at that little bird splashing in that puddle. He’s happy as can be. He gets to get a drink and he is enjoying a fresh bath. He is so happy!
(Photo courtesy of Pinterest/http://zsazsabellagio.blogspot.ca/)
bird bath puddle

Doesn’t that make you smile? Why not splish and splash in those puddles? We have you covered here at Dee Dee Style. We have rain boots in stock in fashionable colors and patterns including Imperial Purple, Black and White Polka Dot, Plaid, and the newest arrival- Navy Blue Duck Boots!


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